Niger is bathed in beauty and glitz thanks to African fashion.

The 13th edition of the International Festival of African Fashion, FIMA, erupted in five days of glitz and glam in Niger’s capital.

About fifty top models and thirty fashion designers presented African-inspired clothing, accessories, and jewelry.

FIMA’s founder, Alphadi, has always emphasized the importance of young people in the fashion industry.

Since its inception in 1998, over half of the event’s schedule has been dedicated to young African talent.

The competition for young designers attracted dozens of designers.

Sun Alejandro, a Rwandan designer based in Gabon, was influenced by the Bantu culture, which encompasses Central and Southern Africa’s inhabitants.

“Because I adore Bantu culture, which I find to be extremely rich, this collection contains a small amount of tribal code. That is why we see panther patterns on the majority of these garments, an animal that is particularly symbolic of Gabonese culture and represents strength “Sun Alejandro, the designer, commented

The public always looks forward to the Top Model competition.

The competition drew about twenty young men and women.

The concert provided an opportunity for newcomers such as Erudie Deberry of Benin, who wowed the audience.

“Winning to honor my country, I am also extremely proud,” Shae said. “Winning to travel to other countries and advance my career, winning for me first and for my country, that’s it.”

The people of Niger, a largely Muslim country, are generally accepting of other African traditions in which women’s bodies are prominently displayed.

Niger’s designers, like sisters Adama and Aicha Seyni Seydou, makers of the Mam’Mode brand, remain deeply rooted in Islamic culture.

“The female body is extremely valuable, in fact, it is a treasure. We aim to accentuate this body through our clothing while also respecting the local culture “, the sisters explained.

In two years, FIMA will return to Niger in all its glory.

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