“Stephen Curry is one of the most hated player on Twitter”: Russell Westbrook, Joel Embiid and also the Warriors’ tale get on top of NBA Twitter’s hit list over the last 10 months

A new research study by TopRatedCasinos.co.uk reveals 3x NBA champ Stephen Curry as the NBA player with the most adverse tweets.

Which NBA gamers obtain one of the most dislike? Which gamer has the most favorable evaluations?. Ultimately, there is an answer to these complicated concerns via a research study done by TopRatedCasinos.co.uk.

There are around 3000 tweets assembled in the research study between October 2020 to January 2021. All the tweets are examined for favorable, negative, and also neutral words, utilizing the online analytics device SEMrush.

The outcomes consisted of the gamers with the most adverse tweets, gamers with the least trolls, and gamers with one of the most positive tweets.

To everybody’s surprise, Steph Curry had the highest possible variety of unfavorable tweets, having 27.9% disapproval from the individuals in the poll. While the other half of the Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson was part of the least trolling online.

The research seemed to negate itself as Steph Curry led with the most number of favorable tweets as well. Therefore making it tough to evaluate the genuine result.

Stephen Curry is the most resented NBA gamer on Twitter
The former consentaneous MVP leads the pack with 27.9% disapproval from fans, adhered to by Mr. Triple-Double Russell Westbrook (24.6%) and Joel Embiid (22.3%).

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Curry being the target of the highest possible no of trolls on-line appeared worrying. The 2x MVP had one of his career-best periods this year. Curry won his second scoring champion this period, leading the league in PPG.

Earlier this year, the 7x All-Star won the ESPY honor for the best NBA gamer. The point player surpassed Wilt Chamberlain as the Warriors’ all-time leader in racking up.

Nonetheless, the paradoxical component was Curry also received one of the most positive tweets of all the gamers analyzed (1,325). Out of the complete 2,789 tweets that the super star obtained, 325 were positive, 778 were adverse, and 686 were neutral.

The study additionally covered players, with the least % of negative tweets that had Klay Thompson, leading with 14.6% of his tweets being unfavorable. Others in the list included Jamal Crawford (15.7%), Chris Paul (16.4%), Isaiah Thomas (16.9%), and also Anthony Davis (16.9%).

While speaking about the positive tweets, Curry led the pack with 47.5%, followed by LeBron James (46.7%). The listing also included Blake Griffin and Carmelo Anthony.

The above study clearly suggests that the greatest gamers can in some cases be victims of their own greatness. Once you get to a certain peak, a certain quantity of trolling as well as hate becomes part of the package.

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